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Social Media continues to grow and has quickly become one of the most effective and widely used forms of Digital Marketing. DesignSEO can help your business find its feet within social networking.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a catch-all term for sites that provide different ways to interact with your customers and potential customers. These are usually in the form of updates, blog posts, photos, etc but can even involve hosting/joining events, launching products and a variety of other activities. The most popular Social Media websites are Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus – however, there are a number of other social networks that can benefit you depending on your niche. They help in a variety of ways from helping customers discover your brand, interacting with your customer base, search engine optimisation, defining your brand and keeping your users up to date with your company.

Social Media Automation

There are countless social media platforms that can benefit your brand. In fact, there’s almost too many to keep up with! We will not only establish a presence on the most relevant social networks for your brand but we will automate the delivery of content over the different networks – scheduling posts that best fit the times in which users are most engaged within each of the individual social platforms.

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Why Social Media is Important

Why is social media so important and how can it help your brand?

Engage with customers


Keep users up-to-date


Spread brand awareness


Solidify brand image


Community Insight


Product Advertisment


User recommendations


Encourage brand loyalty


Generate demand


Drive conversion


Influencer Marketing


Social Analytics

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Social Media Influencers


Social media influencers are real people with real opinions. They have a high user-base and very active and loyal members within their social networks. They usually include bloggers, product reviewers or industry-specific experts. They are trusted by their large fan bases so if they recommend a product or a service, not only does it create an awareness about your brand to thousands of potential customers but it is from a trusted source within a niche community. If an influencer calls your product “the best product of 2017”, it has a much, much larger bearing than if your own company named its product “the best of 2017”.


We will find the right key influencers for your brand, engaging with them early and often and fostering strong relationships with them and giving them early access to products and “behind-the-scenes” views at the company. We keep them interested in your brand and make them want to talk about you and how great you are.


Key influencers, as their name would suggest, influence the rest their network which is shown on the graph (left) – while they make up around 1% of social media users, they account for around one-third of incoming traffic. Engagers make up around 5% of social networks and are also strong influencers, especially with people they know personally, they also generate posts and broadcast to a number of healthy social networks. Together, this 6% of influencers will generate around 80% of your social media reach

“Influencer marketing was rated as the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition channel, beating organic search, paid search and email marketing.” – Tomoson

Some facts about Social Media Influencers

  • 74% of people trust social networks to guide them to purchase decisions
  • In 2016, influencer marketing surpassed print marketing
  • 86 percent of the most-viewed beauty videos on YouTube were made by influencers, compared to 14 percent by beauty brands, themselves. Beauty video views have increased 65 percent year over year.
  • 49% of people rely on influencer recommendations

That’s nearly half of all potential customers. Influencers build trust by creating a memorable brand and creating useful and relevant content. When consumers feel safe with influencer recommendations, they follow them and purchase those products.

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